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Why You Should Join

Connecting to Self and Community

 The uncertainty of our times has made us realize the value of consistently returning to what brings us true joy in life. Many of us feel called to have ’a purpose’, but are unsure where to start. 

A LOVE REVOLUTION is your sacred space with an online community where you can explore daily practices with other members and also learn about new modalities of Tantra and Self discovery through the classes and courses offered. Our classes journey through the four aspects of being - physical, metaphysical, emotional and spiritual - ranging from trauma informed healing to cultivating deeper intimacy and aspects related to empowerment and higher consciousness pleasure.


Connecting with Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Community is an important aspect of what we offer especially in these current times. Our courses are designed to create sacred unity through brotherhood and sisterhood. We initiate this separately as the foundational understanding of the purpose we derive from a deeper connection to our energetically feminine and masculine embodiment.  Our 5 Elements of Awakening courses commune together twice per month in ceremony, practical and theoretical coursework. Check our course calendar to apply for the next opening to this initiation course.

Everyone is welcome to join A LOVE REVOLUTION for FREE.

Subscribed graduates of our 5 Elements of Awakening courses become VIP MEMBERS with access to all of the subscription benefits AND receive preferential access to SOLD OUT classes and events.

Merging the Sacred & Natural World with Modern Life

We believe that true healing must also move beyond the individual and begin to heal the collective and planetary issues of our time. We believe in the interconnectedness of all living things, we understand that in offering help and healing to those in need and a planet in peril, we are at once healing ourselves and restoring humans to our rightful place in the ecosystem. We believe that our sexual life force is the most powerful creative energy for manifestation and healing and that the ancient practices that have been nearly erased from culture serve us in this mission of sovereignty. We call this Pleasure Activism. That is why in addition to our courses, monthly community classes, workshops and events we also offer free workshops and scholarships for all members to have access to foundational Yogic theory and practices that are rooted in Eastern traditions and retain their original intention towards conscious awakening. We do not subscribe to Yoga as a fitness routine, although this is a wonderful added benefit. 


What's included in my membership?

You receive 2 classes per month included in the membership fee:

Ritual ceremonies, yoga classes, Tantric understanding, meditations, song circles and so much community sharing with expert teachers from around the world, plus access to our library of past classes


Stefanie’s Free Anatomy of the Orgasm Workbook

Community Gatherings

Quarterly Pleasure Awakening workshop

Offerings shared in the community

The peace of mind knowing that a portion of your membership fee is donated to support regenerative initiatives.

Opportunity to connect with other members and teachers to help guide and inspire your journey.

Access to our music playlists and member discounts from our teachers and partners

A time of massive shift is upon us and the power sharing of these practices amplifies our collective ability to manifest positive change in our own lives, our communities, and contribute towards the building of a beautiful new world. Thank you for joining us on this revolution to love.

What are my membership options?

You can choose a FREE community membership OR a monthly or yearly paid membership. All the above benefits are included in the membership price, for the price of what you would usually pay for one day workshop, you get 12 months of classes and ceremonies plus much more! 

Sign up today to receive a 30-day free trial period for both our monthly and yearly memberships. 

When you join any of our Awakened programs you get free access to our  

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Thanks to you.

Together we will make the world a more loving and conscious place.